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Contact:  Myann Larson

Email:  Myannlarson@sbcglobal.net

Phone:  842 722 8520 

Division or Level of Play Requested:   A2  

Comments: Looking for a couple of A level players who want to play more Fridays. We keep our team around 11 so u get to play more matches. Our courts are in Harper's landing@ 242&i45 close to costco! We are a nice group with great girls.

Posted:  23-Apr-19 


Contact:  Carol Miller

Email:  donlmiller@comcast.net

Phone 281-890-1204

Division or Level of Play Requested:   C3  

Comments: We are losing some of our players this fall and are in need of players to fill our roster for the fall of 2019.  

Posted:  12-Apr-19


Contact:  Giammalva Racquet Club



Division or Level of Play Requested:   A3 and Open 1  

Comments: Looking for several ladies to play on our team for next Fall. Please give me a call if interested.

Posted:  12-Apr-19




Contact:  Jamie Lane



Division or Level of Play Requested:   beginners  

Comments: Hi,
I've just started going out and playing once a week for the past 2 months. I have lots to learn. If there are any beginner teams with patience, I'd love to join. My schedule alternates every other week on days I'm available.
I live in Grogens Mill..

Posted:  14-Jul-19


Contact:  Shannon Broadbent



Division or Level of Play Requested:   C3/Beginner  

Comments: I started playing in august 2018. I’ve taken lessons, drills and played in the Woodlands Ladder League. I’m looking to play more weekly.

Posted:  22-Jun-19


Contact:  Lisa Elisson



Division or Level of Play Requested:   C3  

Comments: Would love to have fun and play some tennis! I was asked to play in a team but couldnt play that day. I can play Monday, Wednesday and Friday! I am taking drills this spring in an intermediate class. Hope to find a team! 

Posted:  24-Apr-19












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