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DID YOU KNOW..........

• When an opponent’s opinion is requested and the opponent gives a positive opinion, it must be accepted. If neither player has an opinion, the ball is considered good. (See The Code #11)
• Talking when the ball is in play: Talking between double partners when the ball is moving toward them is allowed. Doubles partners should not talk when the ball is moving toward their opponent’s court. (See The Code #34)
• A medical time out consists of evaluation plus a maximum of 3 minutes treatment time for a treatable condition. The maximum time allowed for evaluation and treatment is 15 minutes
• A bleeding time out is handled a little differently than a medical timeout. (See Medical Timeout in the Rules Supplement section under Downloadable Forms or click on hyperlink at bottom of this page.)
• The height of the net shall be 3 feet (0.914 m) at the center, where it shall be held down tightly by a strap. (See ITF Rules: 1. The Court)
• A player should always give the opponent the benefit of any doubt. (See The Code, #6)
• A player’s racket coming out of the hand or a shoe coming off is not the basis for either player claiming a let. (See The Code #36)
• Out calls and other noises from spectators are not hindrances and, therefore, are not considered grounds for a player calling a let or claiming the point. (See The Code #36)

Download Medical_Timeout_FAC2018.pdf

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