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Senterra Lakes-Lunachicks

19619 Senterra Lakes Blvd
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Coordinator: Claudia Hudson
Notes: The entrance to Villages of Senterra Lakes is on Spring Cypress Road, just west of Kuykendahl. Go north on Senterra Lakes Blvd. Stay on it the entire way to courts. They will be on the left, just after a lake. A parking lot is adjacent to the courts and clubhouse.

Team Points Weeks
Copperfield-Highly Strung 0 0/0
Giammalva Racquet Club-The G Girls 0 0/0
Ravensway-Slice of Life 0 0/0
Senterra Lakes-Got Skeels 0 0/0
Senterra Lakes-Lunachicks 0 0/0
Steeplechase-Anglers 0 0/0
The Grand Sports Club-Wild Tennis Girls 0 0/0
Tomball-Hey 0 0/0
Woodlands CC-Kiss Our Skinny Aces 0 0/0
Woodlands Parks-Downright Smashing 0 0/0
Woodlands Parks-Sweet Shots 0 0/0
Woodlands Parks-TGIF 0 0/0

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Match ResultsAH

CHAMPIONS: Open 1 +150 (F19) StatisticsPrint Statistics

Copperfield-Highly Strung00000.0%00000.0%000.0%000.0%
Giammalva Racquet Club-The G Girls00000.0%00000.0%000.0%000.0%
Ravensway-Slice of Life00000.0%00000.0%000.0%000.0%
Senterra Lakes-Got Skeels00000.0%00000.0%000.0%000.0%
Senterra Lakes-Lunachicks00000.0%00000.0%000.0%000.0%
The Grand Sports Club-Wild Tennis Girls00000.0%00000.0%000.0%000.0%
Woodlands CC-Kiss Our Skinny Aces00000.0%00000.0%000.0%000.0%
Woodlands Parks-Downright Smashing00000.0%00000.0%000.0%000.0%
Woodlands Parks-Sweet Shots00000.0%00000.0%000.0%000.0%
Woodlands Parks-TGIF00000.0%00000.0%000.0%000.0%


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